Jumat, 11 Juni 2010

Amazing Shoes!

The North Face Double Track GTX

The North Face Double Track GTX

My old Asics 2150 served me well but after a couple of marathons I needed a new pair. I was worried about having too much padding with the new model as I am interested in the "run barefoot" movement but a knee injury prevented me to pursue on this path at least for now. I got the new 2170 and went for a 5miler test run. It was an amazing pain free run, which had not happened in quite a while. These shoes are light, very comfortable (no blisters, miracle!!) the padding may prevent me to feel the pain on my knee and I run 5min faster that usual. I was bouncing off the ground with delight and landed really smoothly!! Plus then changed the shoe lace, compared to the old model and this lace are much better, I never had to tight them again, a thing that was happening quite often with the old kind! I have to say that the color is also a killer!! Ok! It is just a minor detail but definitely the icing on the cake!!

In summary: this shoes are better than the old model and they made me change my mind about the padding that I was trying to get away from!! My IT band and my knee are thanking me for buying these shoes!!!

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  1. These are truly the best shoes I have ever owned. I've spent a long time looking for trail runners for backpacking and hiking and have found these to be the ultimate shoes. They're comfortable, extremely light, they dry fast (in less than 2 hours on a hot day) and they're durable.

    I bought a pair of these about a year ago, thinking at the time I may have overpaid for a pair of shoes but truly these are incredible. They're perfect for anyone looking for an all around shoe, really they aren't too bad looking with a pair of jeans, and are perfect for the outdoors. My foot does not move around at all and my feet rarely sweat because of how well they are ventilated.

    I highly recommend bucking up for some of the best, most comfortable and versatile shoes you'll ever own.