Sabtu, 05 Juni 2010

Happy Walker

ASICS Womens Gel Kayano Running Black

ASICS Womens Gel Kayano Running Black

I have been wearing Salomon's for the past few years and after having owned several pairs, this by far is the most comfortable. With lots of cushioning, a roomy toe box and excellent tread pattern, trail running is a real breeze. I liked that it was not a mimimalist shoe but still had that low to the ground feeling without sacrificing cushioning. This helps on very uneven surfaces and downhill trails where you "feel" the ground under your feet. Generally, Salomon's runs a 1/2 size big and this shoes is consistent with that. I mostly run in the tropics where it is wet, hot and humid and it breathes and drains very good. With it's colourful palate, this shoe is an eyestopper and a conversatioanl piece so be prepared for the attention you will get. Also, thanks to Salomon for making a women's shoes that is NOT pink. Overall I'm very pleased with this shoe and highly recommend it.

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