Senin, 14 Juni 2010

Great trail shoe!

New Balance Mens MT1210 Trail

New Balance Mens MT1210 Trail

I you have really wide feet, this is for you!

I have only found two shoes in five years that will fit, and feel good at the same time.

Originally, the NB 1123 12 6E fit me perfectly. Most know that shoe is no longer made.

The 1123 was literally falling apart when I found a superb replacement, the NB 928, 12 6E.

That has been fantastic, but only in the gray. I've used it exclusively, all winter and rugged enough for daily walks in the woods with the dogs. They are holding up very well.

I tried every other option / color and in different sizes, the only ones that fit without pain were the gray.

I order many many shoes since, looking for just one pair that will fit.

Finally, these arrived and fit great, right out of the box.

The 13 4E, fits about as nicely as the 12 6e's do.


Get your New Balance Mens MT1210 Trail Now!

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  1. Josefina Hurst10 Oktober 2010 11.32

    I walk or either tile or cement for up to 15 hours a day. I rotate shoes, so not to wear the same pair daily. These are the most comfortable pair in the lineup. The are a little slippery on cement, but not to excess. I would buy another pair.

  2. I am training for a trail 10k and was unhappy with my previous pair of trail runners. I switched to these and love them. They are really stable without feeling too firm. They aren't as heavy and bulky as the look and are really comfortable.

  3. Salvador Rosario16 November 2012 13.32

    I love this shoe! It fits slightly longer and wider than other shoes. I need the width but not the length, so I sized a half size down and went from 2e to 4e. Only complaint is that the heel could fit a little bit more secure.

    Cushioning is very good - at first its very firm but it becomes softer with usage (but never mushy, rather bouncy and responsive). It's not the most flexible shoe on the market but for a trail shoe it's ok - forefoot of the montrail badrock is slightly more flexible.Traction is very good on every surface and I even like the shoe on the road (my usual door to trail run includes 4 miles of road). What else... Durability - after 50 miles I can't see any signs of wear - it's designed for ultra marathons so I guess it's very durable. The upper is not water repellant, so water gets in easily but it dries fairly quickly. It doesn't feel heavy but if it is sized too big it can feel a little clumsy (just not so nimble). It's really important to choose the right size to get a secure fit. Last but not least - it has a medial post, but that doesn't get in the way of my running form.

  4. Very quality build and the 10.5 EE fit me perfectly. Extra room in the toe box specifically to prevent black toenails and blisters is perfect for me. After a few runs they are my favorite trail shoe.

  5. This is hands down the most comfortable out of the box running shoe I have ever worn. I have about 50 miles on them and couldn't be happier. I'm a big guy, 6 feet 230lbs, and worry about knee and ankle injury when running, not an issue with these shoes! Tread pattern is great for trails, I run some pretty nasty ones with lots of roots, mud, loose rock, etc., but it also works fine on pavement. I generally wear a size 13 running shoe and as the other reviews state, these run a little on the big size (by design) I decided to stick with my normal size and have had no problems though a 12.5 would have probably been fine as well. Buy these shoes, you won't be disappointed!