Rabu, 16 Juni 2010

Husbands workhorse

Ensign Peak Gym Bag Black

Ensign Peak Gym Bag Black

I you have really wide feet, this is for you!

I have only found two shoes in five years that will fit, and feel good at the same time.

Originally, the NB 1123 12 6E fit me perfectly. Most know that shoe is no longer made.

The 1123 was literally falling apart when I found a superb replacement, the NB 928, 12 6E.

That has been fantastic, but only in the gray. I've used it exclusively, all winter and rugged enough for daily walks in the woods with the dogs. They are holding up very well.

I tried every other option / color and in different sizes, the only ones that fit without pain were the gray.

I order many many shoes since, looking for just one pair that will fit.

Finally, these arrived and fit great, right out of the box.

The 13 4E, fits about as nicely as the 12 6e's do.


Get your Ensign Peak Gym Bag Black Now!

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  1. George Perkins10 Oktober 2011 08.32

    I love this bag. I got it for my weekly soccer matches and it does the job. The shoes compartment is a great feature. It's roomy enough to accommodate not only my soccer cleats but also my sweaty t-shirt and shorts (i put them in a plastic bag). So all the smelly stuff goes to the shoe compartment and the rest is nice and fresh inside the bag. I love it. It has the right size for easy carrying around without being too tight on space. Even if its a little ugly and doesn't look fancy at all it sure does the job very well. I am very satisfied.

  2. Graciela Livingston12 Oktober 2011 11.32

    I ordered this for my husband to carry his gym gear from home to his office where he changes before going to the gym. I liked that it had a compartment for shoes but was still a smallish bag. He says it has been perfect for his needs.

  3. I love the bag! It was shipped quickly and got to me just in time. It's a durable bag and I love all the space it provides me!

  4. This bag is really far better than the well-known name brand gym bag I had before. When I received the gym bag, I was surprised at the quality since it was so amazingly affordable. I love all of the compartments and there is still plenty of room in the main compartment even after storing one's shoes in the bottom compartment. The royal blue color is very appealing.

  5. Got this for my husband to take his running gear along. Works great as a weekend bag as well! Hoping to use it for many years to come!

  6. Annmarie Brooks16 Desember 2012 08.32

    this bag was a great buy...i use it for the gym and traveling and it is strong an reliable. Would recommend this to everyone

  7. Kristina Becker19 Desember 2012 05.32

    Great gym bag,beautifully designed and the price is way worth it. Very nicely packaged. I recommending it to my friends at the gym.

  8. My husband completely destroyed the last bag sadly like this one, but this was the only one with a separate compartment for his shoes and breathable mesh pockets. Brings it to workouts thrice per week, very happy with it.

  9. Amanda Williams22 Desember 2012 04.32

    Im a basketball referee and this bag is great at keeping my referee clothes clean because of its separate compartment for the shoes. I love it!