Selasa, 15 Juni 2010

Made a huge difference!

Saucony Womens Cohesion Running Silver

Saucony Womens Cohesion Running Silver

I you have really wide feet, this is for you!

I have only found two shoes in five years that will fit, and feel good at the same time.

Originally, the NB 1123 12 6E fit me perfectly. Most know that shoe is no longer made.

The 1123 was literally falling apart when I found a superb replacement, the NB 928, 12 6E.

That has been fantastic, but only in the gray. I've used it exclusively, all winter and rugged enough for daily walks in the woods with the dogs. They are holding up very well.

I tried every other option / color and in different sizes, the only ones that fit without pain were the gray.

I order many many shoes since, looking for just one pair that will fit.

Finally, these arrived and fit great, right out of the box.

The 13 4E, fits about as nicely as the 12 6e's do.


Get your Saucony Womens Cohesion Running Silver Now!

8 komentar:

  1. Bought these shoes after purchasing the same pair in a different color. They are so supportive for running!!! I love the Saucony brand!!

  2. My feet supinate (roll out) when running, causing plantar fasciitis and shin splints from time to time. In doing research, Saucony Cohesion 6 running shoes were one type recommended for supinators...and so far, so good!

  3. Meredith Greene19 November 2011 10.32

    So comfortable and supportive! I have a wider foot and a high arch and this shoe doesn't rub, poke or feel small in any area like other shoes do it is so light and airy to, the mesh part is so thin it is see through so when there's a breeze I actually feel it on my toes like I'm wearing flip flops. Great look love the colors! Best shoe!!

  4. Chris Schroeder20 Desember 2011 09.32

    This shoe was just what I needed...nice wide toe box and wonderful support for the classes I take. It is also surprisingly light.

  5. Veronica Blankenship25 Desember 2011 03.32

    Love these. Was searching for the Grid Cohesion 5s that I usually buy every 2 months (replace your shoes after 300 miles!) ... and found these upgrades. Per my podiatrist, the shoe is structurally identical to the Grid Cohesion 5, as explained by Saucony; they just dropped the "Grid" and updated the colors, hence the "6". I train for half and full marathon trail races in these with a bulging L5 and high arched feet -- no complaints. My feet are well cushioned ... and I haven't had shin splints since my podiatrist turned me on to them 3 years ago. Just wish they lasted a smidge longer.

  6. Great pair of sneakers for a great price. I've worn many different brands, and I have come to the conclusion that you cannot beat the value that Saucony provides.

  7. These are so comfortable! Best sneaks ever!! They came in very fast and I wore them the next day, perfect fit, light weight.