Senin, 17 Mei 2010

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Aurora Flex Track Roadway Supports

Aurora Flex Track Roadway Supports

First, I must say that opening this product that was packaged and sealed back in 1979 was very nostalgic. AFX had different track connections back then, so if you are running the newer style track, you'll simply need to purchase the 3" straight adapter track set. (they are packaged in pairs and available here on Amazon.) No special soldering or wiring required.

Other than the adapter, it can be used right out of the box. Recommended for children 8 years and older, so no special skills are needed. Just don't bend or twist it too far. It comes with repair clips just in case though.

The unexpected surprise, is that it comes with two tune up kits for, what are now, older AFX cars. One each for the G-Plus car and the Magna-Traction car. Pick-up shoes, springs, tires, and guide pins all included. If you have done any "slot car maintenance" lately, then you know that these tune-up kits are not cheap. So, it was a very nice bonus.

Very happy with product and will be ordering more if there are any left.

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