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Inov 8 Mudclaw Trail Running Black

Inov 8 Mudclaw Trail Running Black

Hey guys,
1- this item is dang near hard to find available in most local shops ( IL ).
2- The shipper sent the item immediatley, ordered on Tues / received on Thurs.

When the package arrived I couldnt believe there was anything inside. These boots are extremly light. I strongly suggest going to the UA site and reviewing their sizing chart. They say the best way to measure for their shoes / boots is by;

"To find your foot measurement at home, closely trace your entire foot onto a piece of paper and measure the drawing from heel to toe. Use the size chart to find your CM measurement and matching UA Footwear size. If your measurement is between chart numbers, we recommend sizing up."

This is day-1 of the wearing. The traction is great as I transition from outside to indoor surfaces, from gravel / blacktops to waxed office areas. So far the boots are pretty comfy, there is a wear-in period, but after 12hrs, not bad. In my career, my boots only last me about a year.

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