Rabu, 12 Mei 2010

Have tried others; these are the best

LACES Elastic Shoelace Fastening System

LACES Elastic Shoelace Fastening System

I've always hated un-tying and re-tying my shoes. So I'd double knot, and if it came loose just tuck the ends into the the laces until I had a big messy glob of laces. It's stupid, but it would take forever to get around to un-tying the laces and doing it right.

I initially got a pair of these for my father-in-law, who has Parkinson's. Once we got his shoes laced up, he was able to slip his shoes on an off with no problems, and they were still snug enough to stay on his feet. He loves putting his own shoes on again!

Then I started thinking - I need to get me a pair of these! No more snarled knots! So now we have matching laces, and I couldn't be happier. My shoes look nicer and I never have to tie them!

Since then I've given them as gifts to other people. A friend with back problems who has trouble stooping liked them so much she got a set for every pair of shoes she owns.

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